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Ethiopia PDF Print E-mail
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Ethiopia, once called Abyssinia, is a hidden paradise and one of Africa’s most fascinating countries. It is a land rich in culture and tradition with extensive historic sites, stunning landscapes and fascinating people and cultures... Rock hewn churches, ancient obelisks, the medieval town of Harar, the Blue Nile and the rugged Simien Mountains. We take you on a tour beyond your expectations.  

North / the Historic Route PDF Print E-mail
axum-7.jpg lalibella-5.jpg Ethiopia has a wealth of  historic sites - from Addis Ababa “The Gate of Africa”  to Axum “Lands of Legends”, Yeha “The Cradle of Civilization”., Lalibella “The Replica of Jerusalem”, Gondar “African Camelot”, Bahir Dar “The Source of Blue Nile”, and Harar “The Land of Emirs”.
Tigray Rock Hewn Churches PDF Print E-mail
alem-641.jpg dte-pics-205.jpg Distinctive features of Tigray are its rock-hewn churches. Similar in design to those of Lalibella, but many are considered to be older- perhaps  dating from the sixth century. Designs are partly inspired by classical architecture, they are often located at the top of cliffs or steep hills, for security.  For the adventurous -  Tigray's ancient Debre Damo monastery is accessible by climbing a rope 25 meters up a sheer cliff. 
National Parks PDF Print E-mail
ca-croc-mkt-arba-minch.jpg kudu5.jpg Ethiopia is renowned for its diversity of national parks, from the Simien mountains in the north to the Omo National Park of the south. Whatever your interests - from wildlife, to mountains to ethnic gropups - you are sure to find what you are seeking.
Afar-Danakil Depression (Dallol & Erta'ale volcano) PDF Print E-mail
afar-22.jpg afar-2.jpg Erta'ale is an exceptional volcano. It has been an active lava lake for a  very long period, probably since  the mid nineteenth century. It is part of a chain of active volcanoes located in the center of one of the six Afar rifts where an open ocean has formed in connection with a hot spot. The broad, 50-kilometer-wide volcano rises more than 600 meters from below sea level in the barren Danakil depression.
Religious Celebrations PDF Print E-mail
alem-807.jpg harar-musce.jpg In Ethiopia you will discover a wide range or religious holidsays and festivites including the Ethiopian New Year, Finding of the True Cross, Ethiopian Christmas and Epiphany.
Special Events PDF Print E-mail
orthodox-church.jpg afar-13.jpg Ethiopia is famous for the vast number of cultural and religious ceremonies and events  - whatever time of year you visit are likely to enjoy a spectacle of colour and music.